it must be the water.....

Halifax is awesome. Haligonians (well some) are mostly shit. Apathetic behaviour is like an after school activity in this town. And why do you all get so angry at each other for driving around the city just like everybody else. Foolishness. You actually have laws that force you to stop for pedestrians to cross the street because you haven't got enough sense to do it just make sure someone gets to where they are going safely. You have to be forced to be kind. How sad is that? And what's with the shitty attitude towards people who come here from other provinces. What? Not enough stories of how my life sucks and will always suck. Ive never met so many people that get off on sadness and tales of woe. Brighten up and lighten up Haligonians. You're city is awesome and the province too. Wicked pubs and music and endless things to do for fun and relaxation. Life is good on the east coast, but you have to have a job, optimism and a sense of comraderie with your fellow man. Be good to each other yo !!! —Jaayyyzusss kkkkrriisstt

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