Dear company I have to make payments to

(Before everyone gets on my ass about this bitch, please note, I've already spoken to the conglomerate in question and am waiting on their resolution, so thanks in advance for refraining from the "why are you not talking to the company about it instead of anonymously bitching" comments).

Due to a bank error (YES, an ACTUAL bank error), I had a recent payment bounce. The bank made good on their error, (YAY BANK!!!) but the company I was paying sent me a letter telling me they were rescheduling my payment for a later date. (So far, nothing to bitch about, right?)

EXCEPT that the letter they sent was dated on a Wednesday for a reschedule of the payment on the following Monday. I didn't receive said letter UNTIL the Monday, which means the 5 business days for the bank to investigate and correct their error hadn't happened yet, and I didn't have time to make arrangements to transfer the funds from one account to another, OR for the bank to contact the company to take responsibility.

So now, not only do I have a bounce fee from the company for the FIRST payment, and a bounce fee from the company for the SECOND payment, I also have a bounce fee from my BANK for the second payment attempt.

Maybe you head office douchebags should figure out that it takes longer than 2 business days to receive a letter coming from Toronto, AND since you require a minimum of 4 business days for ME to change a payment, it might behoove you to send something out a little fucking earlier.

Oh, and when your bounce fees amount to twice what someone *apparently* couldn't pay in the first place, how do you expect someone to pay TWO of them? —I'll just get into my time machine and make that happen for you...

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