A dying man is not sick enough for pallitive care?

A big Fuck You to a certain Geriatric Assessment Unit here in Halifax, My Grandfather has been given 2 weeks to 2 months to live, up until about a week ago He was at home receiving care during the day and at night it was up to my grandmother, with help from family when possible, until it became too much for her to handle, with his aggresive behavior, having to give him meds, take him to use the washroom and roll him over. He is a 200 lb man and has dementia, Leukemia,emphysema and heart problems. So for those reasons he was admitted to this geriatric unit. Here is the list of bullshit this man has already gone through. They will not put him in palliative care because he is not sick enough..??? are you fucking kidding me He's Dying! I go to visit and a mouse runs out of his room. Hes sitting in a chair staring at the wall with his food tray keeping him in his chair. Not once did a nurse or staff come to check on him take blood pressure, vitals or what have you the few times I have been there. I asked them if someone could help him put on his PJ's because he was only in a Johnny and He was cold, the staff looked at me like I had two fucking heads and said we will get to it in a bit. He has been taking puffers 4 times a day everyday for 6 years for his emphysema and Since He has been in that place they haven't given them to him once. Another time My Aunt was visiting him who is an RN and completey disgusted by these assholes, asked the staff if they could help him up to Pee, she was told that its to difficult and He can go in his diaper they had put on him. Fucking pricks. He is going to die anyday now and they cant even give the man his dignity by making him shit and piss himself becuase they are to fucking lazy to get off their asses and do their jobs. Also I walked by the nurses station to get some water and I heard one of them on the phone, someone on the other end of the call must have asked what are you up to or whatever and she said "Oh nothing just doing a puzzle". You have time to do a fucking puzzle but You can't help this poor old man up to piss, thats not what your getting paid for you fucking bitch. Oh and now they want to charge my grandmother $22 a day to keep him in there. ? why? its not like anyone does there fucking job, The list goes on. Im going back today and Im fucking tearing them all a new one. they better have I big fucking security guard on today all I can say. —F.U A.L

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