Dingbat Drivers

When two vehicles meet at a merge, if one of them reaches the dotted line before you, you should yeild and lets them it. If you do so, the merge point would run very smoothly, almost a perfect text book merge where the two lanes interweave and become one.

But sure enough, some dingbat driver tries to merge early. So fucking early they cross 2 solids. They cross an area that vehicles aren't supposed to use. And when they are met with confused travel, they get fustrated and turn agressive. Turning agressive is a bad thing while driving but they do it anyway. They get all uptight and the do something stupid like cut someone off. Sure, the guy they cut up is able to break but the breaking will ripple backwards through the traffic and create unexpected and unexplained agressive braking —why do i bother, somebody is just going to troll this bitch.

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