I went to the grocery store for a few groceries the other day. The fucking cashier overcharged me for not one, not two, but THREE items! Of course I realized this while glancing at my receipt on the way home stuck at a construction stop. Don't even get me started about the 10 to 15 construction workers all standing around leaning on a shovel. For fuck sake, I get through the construction and turn around and have to wait in the line again to get back to the grocery store. Then I have to wait for 20 fucking minute for some retard gambling addict buying lotto tickets... like dipwad, you might as well take that 20 bucks you spent and fucking set it on fire, rather than hand it over to the government. Anyway that stupid sack of shit finally moves and the cashier gonna look at me like I got 5 heads. No apology offered. No free coupon for my time & trouble and wasted gas. NO bitch. You rung in THREE things wrong. GIVE me my SEVEN DOLLARS, NOW BITCH and shut the fuck up with the excuses. There's no excuse for your company to ring in THREE things wrong. That's too convenient bitch. If it was a legit mistake, maybe one thing would be off. But three things, your store is fuckin' rippin' people off steady! Get your fucking scanners fixed. Or else quit advertising shit as a sale. I overpaid almost TEN DOLLARS. Imagine if every customer walks away being ripped off how rich these damn corporations grow off OUR MONEY. Then you send over two security guards, fuck that, I ain't scared, I'll drop you bitches like a sack of shit. I will say my piece and you scumbags gonna hear it. Now, I'll go on with my seven dollars and go waste ten idling in construction. —fuck u bastards - its the principal!

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