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I received a ticket tonight. It happens, maybe once a year, that I will park where I am not supposed to. I never park by fire hydrants, nor in accessible places, nor in front of garages or driveways, but sometimes, it happens, I will park where I oughtn't. And when I get a ticket, I always pay. But sometimes, I get a bit annoyed.

The ticket I received tonight says I was parked in a bus stop. It was by Bishop Landing, across from the Brewery. There is this space there where cars can park. There is a sign telling you not to park beyond a certain limit because of a bus stop. The closest bus stop to this sign is about 100-150 metres away. I figured... I'm not on the road, my car is a bit beyond the limit but some of it is within the limit, there is no actual bus stop, it's just after 7:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, traffic is slow, I should be fine. 10 minutes after I had parked, my car was ticketed for being in a bus stop. I can only assume that back in the days when Lower Water Street was a two-way street, this space was designed for a bus stop but there is no bus stop anymore. There has not been a bus stop at this location for quite some time now. All there is the sign telling you not to park because of a now-defunct bus stop. If there is no bus stop, why am I being fined for being parked in it?

Dear HRM, instead of paying my ticket, can I just send you a note that says "paid with my credit card"? I don't have one, but I figured I could invent a credit card just this one time, since your bus stop does not exist either. —a responsible parker

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