Facebook is not the way to get Psychiatric Help

This is for the pathetic, most annoying person I've met. Just stop it.

You use Facebook as an outlet to spew out all these, psychotic, uncomfortable and barely articulated things. All Day. Like how you're going to kill yourself if you don't get a girlfriend, and how all women "neglect" you. You write paragraphs of gibberish because you're using vernacular you don't understand, thinking you sound smart and "deep" but really, it makes you look like a complete moron.

You tell people to fuck themselves for not putting up with your bullshit, but honestly man, no one cares.

You say no one cares and you're absolutely right. You made us not care. 1.5years of depressing "I need attention" facebook statuses is fucking enough. Stop being a fucking weirdo and maybe someone will talk to you. And your stupid obsession about "being in love" and "finding a women will make it all better" is bullshit. Have a girlfriend won't fix you. Women are not your problem.

Plus, no chick wants to fuck a whiney bitch like you. We prefer men. And your stupid little crush on me, saying and doing weird things around my BF needs to stop. I can't stand you, and neither can anybody else.

I've had a few very close friends commit suicide, and your empty threats for attention are insulting. There are people out there with actual problems. Fucking Stop it. —See you at the Open Mics, Asshole

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