Heartbreak and Wine and All Things Devine..

If something doesn't directly affect your life, why do you care about it? I hardly put effort into things that do concern me, much less something that concerns someone else, and has nothing to do with me at all. I overhear uproarious conversations all the time, this person's opinion vs that person's opinion, and all I can think is, "who fucking cares". Because really, who fucking cares? Every once in a while you get a comment on a picture or a tweet "so trashy" or "you're really mean" to which my response is, "PISS OFF TRICK", because I do and say what I want. That's the cool part of getting to pick your friends. Don't like the way someone's brain functions? Get fucking over it, or get away from that person. It's really that fucking simple. No need to give them every reason under the sun as to why they're wrong, because then you just look like a jackass. In which case you're the victim of said jackass. You have every right to defend yourself. It all boils down to growing up and taking care of your own self.

You do you, motherfucker. —College Bitch, CB

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