To Bitchy Wheels and Her Sidekick Captain Obnoxious

To the complete ass-shat in the wheelchair on the #1 bus Tuesday morning: what the fuck was that? You're quiet the whole ride, then immediately after scooting down the ramp at your stop you start screeching your bloody head off about the driver "harassing you"? Feel vindicated all you want with your police threats, but you've got a bus full of normal people who agree that you're loonier than a handful of dollars and the driver is innocent. There's nothing worse than a handicapped person using their disability to make someone else's life hell, and by the sounds of your screaming this morning, it's not the first time you've done this, you fat fuck. Here's hoping someone pushes you out of your chair and then complains that you're "oppressing" them. And to the douchebag who decided to make the whole fiasco his own business and start yelling at the driver (from OUTSIDE the bus) that she needed to get a job at McDonald's with her high school diploma, shut the fuck up. Who the actual shit joins in an argument to shout at a woman in tears? You're a sick, nosy bastard and need to keep your yap shut. Get the hell out of the city, you assholes. Halifax would be a much nicer place if you both motorize-scooted yourselves off a cliff. —Someone With A Sense of Decency

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