dear coffee joint lady with sniffles wiping her nose with her hands

I can't believe you came to work like that and actually think it is OK to be making food for people. And you had the nerve to get your back up with me when I politely decided to forgo my sandwich because you were obviously ill, yet you told me it would be you who would be making my sandwich, as you continued to sniffle and wipe your nose with your hands as we spoke. Perhaps that coffee joint doesn't provide you with adequate sick time, and if that is so I do feel for you. HOWEVER, if you decide to come to work sick and your job entails making food for people all day don't expect customers not to question that and leave, as I did, because they've can't afford to get sick either. As well, your establishment serves many people who are caring for elderly and/or ill members of their families, and passing on your virus to them can (and will) create situations from which many will not recover--no joke.

Stop being so self-centered and entitled; and if you can't stay home when you are sick, at least stay away from food prep areas and address your customers' queries honestly and politely. Oh, and you need to stop wiping your nose with your bare hands, especially if your next action is reaching for a sandwich or donut for the customer you are supposed to be serving. —disgusted community health care worker

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