Dear asshat senior manager

I was dismissed by my employer this week because someone reported my jacket smelled like marijuana. I worked at this company's contact center. Access to the building is governed by a swipe card system.

When I was brought into the senior manager's office I was given the chance to come clean. I told them that I did not smoke marijuana in the workplace or just prior to coming to work. I told them I was out with friends Saturday night and that's where the smell MAY have come from. I went into detail about the fact that I have sinus problems and my sense of smell is not that great. I was sent home without pay and told to report back the next day as scheduled.

The next day I returned and went about my job for the first hour of the day until I was pulled out of a meeting to go meet with my manager and the senior manager.

At that point I was told I was being dismissed for bringing drugs into the workplace and jeopardizing the health and safety of my co-workers (really, like really really?) and that I would not be given pay in lieu of notice. I spent this morning contacting local barristers. According to the 3 separate legal opinions I have received it seems to me like this was a case of wrongful dismissal. I guess I'll be seeing I court douchebag. —Wrongfully Dismissed

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