To the Jerk Driver Turning Left off of Bloomfield onto Agricola

I am not sorry that I didn't see you were turning left off of Bloomfield onto Agricola tonight (thursday) and thus expected me too late to leave you space to do so while I waited for the light to change. In fact, I am very glad I didn't notice you wanted to do that in time to offer you that courtesy (and it is a courtesy while also being not the safest choice of any driver anyway for either the person letting them through or the person turning.) I am so glad I didn't: your flashing your brights and honking as well as yelling and waving for me to reverse (as if that would be safe as well) to let you through was so far beyond reasonable it was laughable. I am so glad not to reward such a negative mean person as you. (My child was in the car, by the way. Great example you are!) Do you want to know how long you had your uncalled for tantrum there while the light changed? 1 minute. That's right. 1 minute. Does that justify your ignorance and impatience? No. So I suggest you go review defensive driving rules and get your blood pressure checked, because if you weren't having a heart attack then, I expect if you will have one soon.And I won't be bothered one bit. —A Better Human Than You

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