Lengthy Saudi Warning Label

Before you start dreaming of the future with your Saudi love interest, whether you've been together for 2 years, 3,4,5 it's likely he hasn't filled you in on some important little details. To each their own when it comes to culture, love ya all. But I have little love for dudes who fail to tell you that you're pretty much only a temporary bang. Tons of international marriages work - But with Saudis it's a whole other game. Just some fun facts to crush your dreams!

- If a Saudi student has a government scholarship he is not able to marry a woman from outside KSA until after the age of 35 (after which he can marry a foreigner and continue his scholarship).

- Once the student has finished their schooling they must return to their country for an obligatory work contract (the trade off for the scholarship).

- If the man does not get the marriage approved by the Saudi government BEFORE getting married via Canadian law, the marriage is likely considered invalid (not recognized by KSA) and he risks being financially cut off immediately (which often leads to him going home).

- If a man does return to KSA without his new foreign wife she CANNOT FOLLOW because the marriage is likely not not recognized by the Saudi government, and a single woman cannot travel there alone.

- If your Love doesn't introduce you to his mother and sisters and you’re looking for something more then a fling, BOUNCE. His brothers/cousins approval of you means nothing in Saudi culture. The parents (and females in particular) rule the roost.

... If you’re just looking to knock boots for a night – have at it boss!

There are tons of great Saudi guys in the city. Nice, friendly, overall great fun people. For most of them though Halifax is the FIRST time they have been so close to women. Some of them don’t even know the specific laws regarding marriage to foreigners… but the majority DO KNOW how their own culture works. They know that their new found relationships will end with heartbreak.

Marrying within the boarders isn't a religious thing – it’s purely a cultural thing (Not all Middle Eastern /"Muslim" countries have that sort of mentality)

These guys need to come with a warning label .They’ll charm your socks off and then leave ya, even if it's not by choice.

It is possible to get married, but you better be sure he's ready to jump those hurdles for you - It will be a long and bumpy ride. —6 years gone

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