Double Whammy

This time a month ago, I had a girlfriend and a job. Now I have neither. Fuck my life.

Here is what happened: my girlfriend of 2 years dumped me a month ago. I didn't take it very well in the least bit, after all it was 2 years that we were together. I took off three days from work because I was so devastated. I went back on the fourth day, but all I kept thinking about was her. I couldn't concentrate on the job so my boss, who knew what happened, told me to go home and take the rest of the week off. I was still missing her even after a couple of weeks went by. This was affecting my performance on the job, so I took Thurs and Friday off of the third week (since the day I was dumped) as sick days. When the following Monday was approaching, I originally thought I wouldn't have to take any more time off, but that Sunday I saw my ex-gf out at a pub with some other guy! That set me off the edge, so I got hammered that night, and called in sick once more. Cherry on top of the cake-my boss tells me not to come back! I pleaded with him not to fire me and that I was going through a tough time. The insensitive asshole told me I should have gotten over it by now, I was dumped, move on, there are other women out there, I was fucking up at work so I needed to be replaced, etc. Dude, have you ever been dumped by a girl you loved? Apparently not, because you would have been empathetic and showed some support while I came to terms with it. It was only a month ago! What a shoddy way to treat your employees. I busted my ass for you, I was a top-notch worker who just came across a rough patch.

Later on I listen as my mom and my best buddy take the side of the dickhead. She was my fucking world! Now, not only is she gone, I'm left to go look for a job.

So here I am: Thirty-two, single, with no job, and no support from anyone. FUCK. —Down on my luck

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