Smokin up in a Storm

A big shout to the dude who decided to climb into my car on my driveway and proceed to smoke a cigarette. Hey, its ok that in that violent rain storm you decided to go down my rural driveway in the middle of nowhere and check into my one month old Mazda (thats just creepy). What is not ok is you lighting up and dumping ash all over the seats, door and centre console, then leave without closing the door properly. I have never locked our doors because, who the hell would be walking way out here in the middle of the night? And besides, this is Halifax, where kindness and decency restored my faith in humanity since coming here three years ago.

I guess the baby and child seats in the back didn't make you wonder "hmm, maybe I shouldn't smoke in here.". Your filthy habit and stupendous sense of personal entitlement are shocking. Enjoy the lung cancer, you human cyst. —Parabolic Frolic

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