Enough Already

What is going on with today’s youth??? Or today’s parents??? Or both Call me crazy but when I grew-up I had rules, I had curfew, I got a job when I turned 16 and before that I had a paper route, I wasn’t allowed to stay up all night and sleep all day, I had chores, I got grounded, I didn’t dare curse at my parents. Now it seems like either parents are too worried with being their child’s “friend” rather than parent OR these children/teenagers have just learned how to walk all over adults and do what they want when they want. The language, disrespect and laziness shown by some of today’s youth is APPALING! Get them up get them out of bed off the computer, off their phones, and start teaching them to be functioning contributing members of society instead of little pompous brats who feel entitled and untouchable. Oh and if your child has done nothing but curse at you, keep you up at night, and defy you, and fail at school here's a tip DON'T GIVE THEM CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DUMB ASS!!!!!! STOP REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR!!!! —....

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