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We wrote you up because you weren't living up to our expectations. You started working for us doing accounting and admin in the spring of 2012, but in the past six months we expanded, and added a little to your duties. Then unexpectedly, your coworker in the same dept. had a death in the family and went on a leave of two weeks. We got you to pick up some more of the slack until the other girl came back. We understand that you have been busier lately but your attitude went downhill drastically, every half hour sighing, every time you're asked to do something, you sigh. We're all very busy but you don't hear us letting out annoyed sighs all the time. We added to the other girl's duties too (before her close niece died) and she never made any fuss. You have been struggling to keep up with the tasks and when it was discovered that that you were falling far behind in collections and there were still invoices from back in September that weren't filed yet, this was the last straw. We brought you out to the office and gave you a written warning. Then you asked us if this was joke. When we said no, you were fuming and said to us you should be getting a raise, not a writeup, and you were overworked. Give me a break, you little whiner, we didn't give you THAT much more to do. As for a raise-- we pay you $13/hour, you get paid well enough! When we told you to shape up and get a better attitude before you could get any raise, you went into full temper tantrum and stormed out, screaming you quit! What are you, 25 going on 12? You don't get what you want, so you quit on the spot? You weren't doing your job to our expectations, so you were reprimanded, plain and simple. You should have been thankful to have a job; do you know how many people would gladly take your position? So thanks to you, we have to spend the Christmas season doing interviews. —Business Owner sick of entitled Gen Y'ers

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