Make change!

The Portland Hills bus terminal is grossly subpar in that there are no machines to make change. The payphone won't accept quarters, you need a fucking calling card. The vending machines eat your money and the fucking Link bus robs you blind because you have to put a whole loonie in there when you can't make change for 50 cents. You metro transit bastards have a change counter that ensures you get the proper fare. You have built in this technology to protect your bottom line. Would it fucking kill you to spit out my 2 quarters change? I don't like giving away free money to line the pockets of your fatass CEO's. Furthermore, WHY does a direct, short link route cost more than the other routes? These buses are essentially empty because nobody wants to pay extra for nothing. The amount of traffic this terminal has created for cole harbor road is ridiculous compared to the amenities it actually succeeds in providing. I would rather wait on the street and shave 15 minutes off my travel time then fuck around in your shitshack. Your bathroom is always closed for repainting. You can't even take a shit in that shitshack. Probably due to all the graffiti all over bathroom due to the pissed off passengers. —ripped off daily by rich assholes

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