Big Business Behaving Badly

In June 2012 we sat with a car salesman for a good hour going over the pricing for our new car. We went through the proposed Purchase Agreement line by line, item by item, declining the Rust Sealant, Fabric Protector, and Extended Warranty. The ONLY add-on we accepted was the Rust Protection. We knew the total cost for our car was going to be $25,896.75. But when the salesman printed off the Purchase Agreement, out comes a price of $26,188.85! We looked at the salesman and asked: "What's this?!?" He explained that we were being charged for their Platinum Security Protection, it came with the car, it was mandatory, and we had to purchase it. We explained that we neither needed it nor did we want it, and we explained why. But the salesman wasn't taking 'no' for an answer. Kinda like "take it or leave it" attitude. So we took it. But we didn't take it lying down. As soon as we got home we proceeded to post a blisteringly negative online review, hoping only to warn all future vehicle buyers to be aware of said car dealership's shenanigans. But surprisingly, along comes a dealership 'gatekeeper', holding out an olive branch, wanting to make nice. We made nice alright.....we got our $292.10 back!

So be aware fellow vehicle buyers; as shady car dealerships continue down their unrelenting reckless road to riches at OUR expense, please join me in reminding them that we aren't going to take this crap. They might be selling vehicles but WE are the ones in the driver's seat. And remember also, the pen is sharper than the sword. —2TickedOff

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