Times They Are-a-Changin

Why would you drop all of your friends for your boyfriend? Or your values, morals and entire way of life? Your attitude, even. We're young, boyfriends seem like the world - but we're not that young. Not young enough to still be thinking all you need is your boyfriend. And that thought that you don't need any of your friends? That you can treat them like they're worthless, because you have a boyfriend now? You're a grown-ish 20 year old. You dropped every last one of your friends, and live to serve him. You don't even talk to your "best friends" anymore. You don't have any. You're "his girlfriend" to his friends... they aren't your friends. And now that you've dropped us... good luck getting his friends to hold your hair while you drunkenly puke, curl your hair, or just have down time and talk with you. They will never be there for you like we were. I've had enough of always being there for you, yet only being good enough when he's cranky or when he's in a mood or when he's not around. This is from us, the ex-bestfriends: the girls who's best friends completely cut them out of their lives for that boy. Well girlfriend ... I hope it works out for you, because we certainly won't be around to see if it does. Learn to respect yourself and stand on your own two feet. Fuck. You. —The ex-bestfriend

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