First snow fall ever?

Nova Scotia weather can be said to be unpredictable, but, guess what Halifax – this ‘storm’ that we got – you know, that white stuff on the ground mixed with rain and cold temperatures – that was predicted!! So why does it seem like nobody was prepared for it?

It’s super hard and frustrating when you have to rely on certain things that are incredibly unreliable. Like, Metro Transit for example. I... was prepared for this weather, dear busses, why weren’t you? I left early to catch a ride on you and stood outside in the frigid cold waiting, assuming you were either going to be late, or early, as you generally are even when the weather isn’t a factor. That was stupid of me – because I waited for you for almost an hour, and there were other people that were waiting for you longer than I was. AND, while we were waiting, not one, not two, but THREE ‘out of services’ busses drove by us – awesome, not. It certainly doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you basically get stood up for something that you’re paying for. The only thing it made me feel was COLD. Very, very cold!

This is exactly why 8/10 times I go to, or leave work, I walk, 40 minutes each way. I couldn’t do that today though, because it seems like you weren’t the only ones unprepared, the city of Halifax must not check the weather network, or maybe they didn’t buy any shares in salt, because you think the roads were bad? The sidewalks were 10 times worse. We pedestrians didn’t have a snowplough going down our walking path. What we had was something only the people heading to the oval were prepared for, in other words, a sheet of ice!! I’d rather be late for work than break a hip or sprain an ankle. And, that is exactly what I was, super late for work. —Monday sucks

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