I'm a man, and I'm straight up tired of hearing people talk negatively about feminism. It's from both men, and women. But, women are easily the more ironic offenders in the situation, as they talk out loud, in public, with their own opinions.

Feminism is the belief that a woman is capable of, exactly what a man is capable of, and they deserve equal rights. Without it, there wouldn't be women in university. There wouldn't be women working, or walking alone in streets, without a man. She wouldn't own land, or vote, or be considered a human being with rights, because this notion didn't exist only 100 fucking years ago. And guess what? All you women, ALL of you, still don't get payed, what a man gets payed, for doing the exact same job, in a professional work setting.

You're all idiots, congratulations. —A guy within earshot

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