I'm not staring!

To the guy[s] from a local swimming pool who dampened my night. You went over to the side of the pool while I was in it and said "Why the hell you staring at, it's creepy, stop staring ya creep." I was confused and caught off guard you even said that then after you and your "bros" went towards the locker room I heard with my good sense of hearing "Is he still staring?, fuckin fag." First of all, don't flatter yourself, I'm happily TAKEN with a very sweet man, Second, I usually stare off into space, deep in thought like "Will the weather be nice for Sunday so my family can go see relatives." or "How am I gonna get enough money to go to a convention in Chicago.". Third, I have a part of a right eye in terms of eyesight and I react to sound, touch and smell and usually when I turn to look in a general direction it's usually because I hear a kid laughing, or a swim coach telling his students to do something, or even someone jumping off from the rope swing. You and your buddies really live up to the stereotype gym bully. congrats your utter douches, and when my boyfriend and my friends finally came, they think so too. Have a Unmerry Christmas you judgemental dropout dumb fucks. —Semi Blind Casual Swimmer

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