Lotto Players

You people who play the lottery have to be the dumbest people out there. How much money do you figure you waste on all those tickets? The vast majority of you (and I do mean vast) spend far more than you win. It seems like every time I go out to buy something anywhere that sells lottery tickets I am stuck in line behind some knob who has to check twenty fucking stubs and then collect their 8 bucks so they can buy more lottery tickets. Everybody in line behind you hates you. Now don't get me wrong, I know we all have to stand in line ups from time to time and sometimes people take longer than others (the old lady who treats every interaction she has with a debit device as a new and wonderful surprise, the guy who waits to look at the giant menu behind the baristas to decided what he wants until he's ready to place his order, the kid who is paying for everything in change and has calculated his purchase down to the nickel before reaching the cash machine only to learn that his math skills are lacking). BUT there is a special place of hatred in my already calloused and withered heart for you lotto players. If you really must piss your money away, why not go play poker at the casino? At least then you will be able to use skill/logic to help you win some cash, rather than blind luck. Oh, and those little machines right by the cash register that say "scan your tickets here" ... guess what they do! —Pseudonym Steve

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