A cool-looking, heavy-set woman gets off the #52 in Halifax on a Friday evening and then the comments start. Two women - strangers - bonding over their shared projection of self-hatred onto a woman who clearly doesn’t base her self-image on misogynist beauty standards. I’m shocked by the violence in their language and saddened to know how deep this self-loathing goes in some women. This is hate speech but I’m left wondering what to say that might have a positive impact. Later, I share this story (bad language omitted) with my 4-year-old son. His first question is, “why?”; why would these people say such horrible things about someone? His advice: “you should tell them to stop that.” Ladies: when you learn to accept yourselves, you will no longer feel compelled to judge others. In the meantime, keep that shit to yourselves. I will say so in real time, next time. —What sisterhood?

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