You are too picky!

You are still single at 31 because no guy you meet is ever good enough for you. Yes, it's wonderful to have standards, and being attractive, smart, funny, kind, educated, and career driven, you of all people should have them. But you always find some deal breaker: He's not my type (as in too fat, ugly, etc), he's broke, he's weird, he's too nice, he's an asshole, he's creepy....yet you complain about being single!

Hmm, ever heard of giving these guys a chance? They could be wonderful men but the second you see one flaw, you dismiss them. I doubt they're all really as flawed as you say they are because none of the other women we know seem to have this issue, they all found great guys to spend their lives with. They are also attractive, kind, well grounded, and successful women.

And you continue to complain about there not being good men around. You are driving us all bananas! I'm telling you, YOU are the reason why you're single, you're passing up opportunity after opportunity to meet some wonderful male singles because you're too judgmental and particular to give them the time of day! —Frustrated BFF who knows No one's perfect

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