Your scumbag husband

You have no clue what your scumbag husband does or your too stupid to realize you need to get away from him. You admit your in a loveless marriage that you haven't slept together in 7 years.

Your not in it for the money since you had to declare bankruptcy 2 years ago. You are the financial provider sure as hell not him.He expects his 90 year old mother to take both of you in if you lose the house. I don't call that a man. Bet he wants to take over his mom house when she passes on as it will be paid in full. Then it will start to fall apart as he is too lazy to fix things.

NO ONE Likes him how can he have friends when all he does is take his meds and drinks and smokes, He doesn't have friends as he is too lazy to get his useless ass out and get a job.

You have no clue how much family support you will have if you ever dump his sorry ass.

He never has a nice word to say about you or your family. I hate the things he says about you and you just accept it and laugh it off.

Probably cause it is your family helping you guys out and he has no intentions of paying anyone back cause he thinks the world owes him.PLUS he is too lazy to get a job. he is a fucking waste of space good for nothing.

There will be no loss when he is gone.

Lose him before you are homeless and your family gives up on you because of him.

Your family is scared to lose you with what is going on so please get out of it all before it is too late. —happily single friend

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