Baffled from BC

For almost a decade I lived along one of the BC roads featured in the reality show "Highway through Hell", and it seems they need to switch their filming location and focus on the roads and drivers of this otherwise wonderfully enjoyable city. Here are some tips for you select loco local drivers from a west coaster who has regularly driven through hell's highway.

1. Buy winter tires even if it isn't mandatory. I tried to rent a car my last visit and was shocked that only one company offered them at an additional charge because it 'wasn't mandatory'. Does it really take a law, a costly accident or worse, a life, for winter tires to be obvious in this weather? Be responsible and get them on your vehicle in early October.

2. Drive relative to the weather conditions. Heavy rain? Slow down, leave extra space and use your headlights. Snow or icy conditions? Slow down, leave extra space and use your headlights. Heavy fog? You get the picture.

3. Don't drive. Plan ahead! Read the weather report and when it looks to be bad top up with groceries, fuel your vehicle and stay at home until the roads are safer. Mid blizzard is not the time to run out of TP.

4. Don't act so surprised. You live in Halifax. It is winter. It's the season that comes between autumn and spring every year. Every single one. Since... the land bridge from Asia. It predates any human settlement in the area by thousands of years. This literally has happened every year for all of local human history. Figure this shit out already.

5. Finally, if all else fails, give up your licence or move somewhere else and leave the roads safe for others who know how to drive. If you are an ignorant, unprepared and oblivious winter driver you could easily kill yourself or someone innocent. Don't be that ultimate of an asshole. —Cant Risk Another Scary Haligonian

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