Be Nice to Your Friends

I work at a retail clothing store and today 2 girls walked in together and tried a few things on. One of the girls was obviously petite, so while her friend watched her try on some pants she proceeded to tell her "holy girl eat a cheeseburger". The friend did not take the comment personally I am only writing this because I overheard the comment and I think it was in fact rude. I'm a naturally slim person myself and its just tacky to comment on someone (especially your friends) body image in a negative way. We all blast others for making comments on people being overweight, the same applies to everyone else. You wouldn't tell an overweight person to lay off the burgers while watching them try clothes on. Just because people are thin do not assume we don't eat or we try to be as such. Just like any person who would like to lose 10 pounds I wouldn't mind gaining 10 and i'm sure the same goes for many other petite girls. Its in fact harder to gain weight then it is to loose it. So stop with the tasteless comments especially to those who trust you to be their friend. —Skinny but not Annie

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