Dear Nova Scotia

Seriously... I left you nearly two years ago for the better opportunities of the west and it seems EVERYBODY is following suit. How did I ever think I'd return? Did I naively, blindly, or drunkenly flitter my way through my undergraduate years without fully appreciating you? Because for as much as I've been thinking about you lately you seem damn certain to keep me from coming back. I wish you would get yourself together Atlantic Canada and quit forcing your skilled youth out. Because I tell you, I'd give just about anything for those days back. I make so much more money here, I live in a nicer place, I can afford better food, heck even the dating scene is better. And I'd give it all up again just to dip my feet in an ice cold ocean, rip my new jeans sliding down Sackville street in winter, see my favourite venders at the market, wait for a late bus in the never-ending rain, eat lunch on the hill, make eye contact with somebody on the street and NOT think they must be crazy, walk the mudflats, walk ANYWHERE instead of driving, or just hear a fiddle or a bagpipe again. But I'm likely to get stuck out here, just like everybody else you couldn't support. And my children won't grow up in the culture of their ancestors, but in the more profitable and amalgamated society that is the rest of Canada, and they won't know you. This is where I lose my heritage… —Want to go home

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