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So I do a lot of biking in the wintertime to and from work, and I had a sore ankle so I stopped for 3 days or so. The last night I biked home it was raining so a lot of salt ended up being left on the drivetrain, and the salt made it rust up pretty bad over that 3 day period. The bike sits in the doorway, and my roomate was sitting there with some girl he met on the internet, and she tells me in a condescending tone "you wanna get some lube on that drivetrain". I tell her that it's winter and that's what happens when the outside hose is shut off (to rinse after). Two days later my roomate has the nerve to tell me to stop emberassing him by having a "rusty" drivetrain, and to "keep it in good shape". That winter bike drivetrain is getting replaced at the end of the year anyways. —Getting really sick of the attitudes of spoiled little student drama !@#$s

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