back to my ex!

yo bf
your bedroom skills are under developed
people that i have met here that you have slept with have said the same things

i will not marry you

you suck in bed

you dont do a thing
im fine by myself and im good cooking and cleaning and making myself some

but you dont do a thing
worse the female vagina turns you off

well every ex of mine loved it

im leaving just for the sex alone

you were the only person keeping me here now im off
off to get my rocks off and enjoy a real partner

not some loser like you

you will never be able to keep a woman down

i cant wait to get off the plane and catch up on the two years of no good sex

call me a whore i dont care i only live once and want to fucking enjoy my body and heart with someone before i die or get a hip replacement ! —no sex is better than your sex dammmmmnnn

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