Saving the Farmers Market is localvores' job

It is time to put the history of the Seaport Farmers' Market in the past. I don't give a fig who did what. What I do care about is having a daily source for local food and a place where I can shop that is filled with local family businesses. Don't penalize the vendors at the Seaport Farmers' Market just because you are ticked at the prior management or even the current management. If you don't buy from the local family vendors at the Seaport Market regularly, there will be no Halifax Farmers' Market ( or centralized location for small local, businesses) because the vendors will not be able to pay their rent. I am fairly certain that many of the Coast readers shop at supermarkets more than once a week..and if each person did some of that shopping during the week at the Farmer's Market, it would make a world of difference to the current daily vendors at the Farmers' Market and the ability of the Market to attract new vendors during the week. The existing daily vendors work hard to bring good local food to Halifax and they deserve our financial support. If they go and/or the existing vendors on the weekend market don't make enough to support themselves throughout the week and quit coming, what is the HPA going to do with the space? The HPA mandate with respect to real estate is "to achieve the highest and best use of each piece of property" . An empty Farmers' Market most days of the week is certainly not the highest and best use. So, all you localvores, quit complaining and put your money where your mouth is. —Put your money where your mouth is

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