HRM drivers suck at times

To the middle-age female coming out of Dartmouth Crossing late morning on Jan 30th: Learn to read the "lane ends" signs at the bottom of Commodore Drive heading towards the 118. You were in the right lane - that lane ends with plenty of warning, 2 signs to be exact, the left lane is the "thru lane". I was in the left lane overtaking you when you decided that your lane was too narrow and started changing lanes without glancing left. So I laid on my horn to avoid an accident and you got all pissy. Yeah I flipped you off for good reason since your brain obviously can't grasp the skills needed to drive on the roadways safely. Get off the road before you kill someone.

And to the guys who decided to ignore yield sign on the circ by Main st.. yeah I called your place of employment after witnessing your road rage. The person who took my call was very interested in this incident and I will definitely follow up on it next week. Next time, don't act stupid on the road and drive directly to where your workplace has a big sign out front. —Tired of paying high ins. rates due to these fools

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