Membership only apparently means do whatever the hell you want

My Mom was recently assaulted at work by a customer/member. He came up behind her, unprovoked, grabbed her by the shoulder and violently shook her, injuring her. You would think that her long time employer would stand by her, right? NOPE! They are staying out of it. Going so far as telling employees they are not aloud to discuss it. They have not even revoked this guys membership, have not banned him from the store or the property. He is still allowed, and has since this happened, gone into the big concrete store where my Mom works. Thankfully she was not there. My Moms employer is trying to sweep this under the rug. Much like other assaults by members to employees. They clearly do not value their employees. They do not provide a safe working environment for their employees. How can they expect someone to return to work knowing the person who assaulted them can come back and do so again? Where are they when their employees need them??

Then to make matters worse, the police said they had more then enough evidence to press charges (my Moms statement and injuries, 2 other members who saw the assault and left their contact info for the police because they WANTED to give a statement, and multiple other employees who witnessed it) all of a sudden changed their tune saying they didn't feel comfortable pressing charges under the circumstances, which is that the guy has no record. So there you go Halifax. No criminal record? Bad day?? GO ASSAULT SOMEONE! —Fed up Haligolian

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