Idiot dog owners!

This is primarily for the idiot hipster with her dog at the corner of Oxford and Quinpool around 4pm on Friday. I'm pretty sure you knew your dog was going to try to attack my dog, yet you did nothing to try to pull in his leash or keep him away from my dog. I tried to distance me and my dog from you and your dog, but your dog still was able to lunge and get awfully close to biting my dog… and you LAUGHED. I was so angry I couldn't even tell you what I thought of you at that moment. The fact that you found it funny says a lot about the kind of horrible person that you are. It's worse than the fact that you clearly haven't properly trained or socialized your dog. It's people like you who give dogs a bad name. This also extends to all of the idiot, horrible dog owners that I encounter in Point Pleasant Park who allow their out of control dogs to be off leash. Its because of people like you that I hope that the city takes the off leash parts of the park away and only allow on-leash dogs. And it's people like you that make me think that you should have to do more than just submit a paper and fee to the city to be able to have a dog. It's not fair to your dog or anyone else's. I think you're horrible!!! —Dog mama fed up with ignorant dog owners

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