Driving Mantras

Some basic rules of driving:

1. A signal light is used to indicate an upcoming turn. Flipping it on two seconds before the actual turn is pointless and a dick move.

2. Accelerate to highway speed on the onramp, then merge.

3. To exit a highway, signal, then turn onto the off-ramp, then decelerate

4. Go easy with using brakes. Maintain sufficient space between the vehicle ahead so that brake tapping isn't necessary - it causes a chain reaction for everyone behind. Remove foot from gas pedal, or, for manual transmissions, downshift.

5. If cars from two side-by-side lanes entering the Armdale circle at different rates, something is very wrong.

6. Never switch lanes while in the Armdale circle - be in the proper lane before you enter. It is a black-hole of blind spots and changing lanes is likely to cause a collision. Know where you're going.

7. Be ready to move on an advanced green. There is a line of people also trying to get through. The presence of an advanced green light would indicate that its a nasty intersection to get through otherwise. Be aware that others need to get places too.

8. Enter the nearest lane on the street when turning left or right at an intersection. Complete the turn, signal and then enter the further lane if that's where you need to be.

9. If turning left when stopped at a red light, signal well ahead of time to give fair warning to people behind you - give them the option of using the other lane (if available). Fuck you otherwise.

10. Drivers have one job - to pay attention. The rest is secondary. Watch for traffic lights. Watch for pedestrians. Be ready to move.

Any ideas on other slick tips for not being a jackass on the road? Please share.


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