The monopoly of our Utility Companies

I FUCKING HATE OUR UTILITY COMPANIES HERE IN NOVA SCOTIA!!! I pay you fuckers every month the amount on my bill, why the fuck is the power company sending me out bill for a thousand dollars at the end of the year? They claim, the bill amounts have only been estimates, their meter reader wasn't able to get in to see the meter and that I actually owe over a grand! I am a student! Where do you expect me to come up with a grand on the fly?? THEN, the other cocksucker of a company where I get internet and phone quoted me a package deal of 80 bucks per month but yet the monthly bills are much higher. Why the fuck do I have a bill here for 290 dollars??!!! What am I supposed to do to earn this much money so my shit doesn't get disconnected? Why are you flat out lying to my face when quoting your monthly fees but sending out fraudulent bills whenever you fucking FEEL like it in ANY AMOUNT that you see FIT??? Sending customers out a bill even a DIME above the amount quoted, should be ILLEGAL!!! Your company made a verbal contract! Where are you pulling these amounts from, your fucking ass? No wonder there are so many panhandlers, prostitutes and drug dealers in our province -- they are just trying to pay their fucking power & internet bills! This monopoly is ridiculous! Do you think people have over a grand hanging out their ass-back pocket? Fuck off utility power houses! FUCK off and die. I hate you so much that if there were any other competitors, I would gladly cancel my account with you bastards. These are unfair business practices against consumer rights... leaving Nova Scotians penniless! When you think about the intangible "product" of energy or a signal to some stupid satellite in the sky - what we are getting shouldn't cost a fortune. Some countries even have free wifi for all its citizens. Here in Canada, we gotta capitalize on everything - what's next? Charging people to breath the air? I hope people buy solar paneling for their homes and buy 'the magic jack' to rise above these monopolizing motherfuckers. YOU MAKE ME SICK! —flat out FUCKED

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