Pound Sand!

I’m in love with this girl. She says she wants to leave her bf, who is basically an old geezer with a shit ton of money to throw at her. She tells me he’s been really good to her and wants to end things in a nice way. I keep my distance and let things unfold. Doesn’t happen. She keeps contacting me. Eventually I stop returning calls/txts/emails and just do my own thing, try not to think about her. She continues to contact me. I run into her on NYE (no geezer, out with her friends). She takes me aside and asks me if I seriously want to be with her, says she didn’t know for sure. I tell her yes, like 150%. She says she wants to be with me too, but needs more time, prob a few months, plus some down time so that she’s not ending things with geezer than jumping right into something else. I tell her no bc really, who needs months to dump someone? I could see it if they were married with kids or something, but she is free to go if she wants. So she tells me I should see other people then, which I am anyway, but.. wtf?! So again, I try to move on and again, the calls/msgs continue. I ignore her until one day she leaves me this sad voicemail asking me to please call her. So I call. She starts going on and on about her money problems, student loan, not being able to get a job blah blah blah. I listen and give her some suggestions. Then asks me to meet her for coffee. I tell her I can't..not because I don’t want to, but because I love her and I’m just tired of this bullshit (didn't tell her all that, just said no). If I can’t be with her, if she doesn’t want to be with me, I want her to GO AWAY. Just the idea of her doing that old geezer is too much. Can anyone tell me wtf here?! —Mr. Bugatti

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