Handicapped city

The other day I returned from an errand and found a hundred dollar ticket on my windshield for parking in a streetside handicapped zone.

Now look. I do NOT make it a point to park in handicapped zones. I think people who knowingly do this are dicks. But in my defense, there were no signs indicating it was a handicapped spot. There were no markings on the street or sidewalk. There was absolutely nothing to indicate that this even WAS a handicapped zone. The only sign in existence in this spot was a 1 hour parking sign.

Obviously i'm confused. I take a short video, some photos and hightail it over to the closest HRM office to discuss contesting the ticket. And I'm informed that the only case I could possibly have is if I had a handicapped pass and it had fallen and wasn't visible at the time I was ticketed.

I explained that because I was unable to identify the space as being reserved, I had no way of possibly knowing. That the sign was missing and the street had no visible evidence of reserved parking.

I was told "Well when you see this, you have to call 311."

Astounded, I explained that this was the whole point. How could I know there was a missing sign? I'm not the one being paid to keep an eye on this shit. I'd never parked here before. As far as I could tell, it was a 1 hour parking zone.

—You'll be hearing from me. A lot. I was hit with the same "You'll have to call 311 when you don't see a handicapped sign." So you know what HRM? That's exactly what i'm going to do. Every time i park the car, unless I SEE a handicapped sign, I will be calling you to make sure i'm not parking in a poorly-maintained spot. This isn't just a pain in the ass for me, it's annoying for the handicapped too. How the fuck can they take advantage of spots that are not clearly marked?

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