Slow down!

Tonight Kiddo and I were nearly run down right outside her school. An SUV was doing 80 on Hawthorn street. Kiddo and I were standing trying to cross, she as always hand in hand standing and waiting and they came so close it nearly touched her bag I was holding.

They were going so fast I couldn't see the driver or model, just that it was a reddish burgundy colour. They were going so fast that by the time we jumped back to avoid being hit, they were gone, around the corner on to Portland Street.

Kiddo immediately started to cry. It scared her. I was enraged. She turned to me and was bawling, "daddy he tried to kill us, what if he killed you?"

To that driver, was it worth driving so recklessly down a snow covered narrow street? Did you get home a minute earlier? At what cost? How dare you be so thoughtless, so selfish, despicable person.

Then I thought, how many people have been hit in Halifax by cars in the last three months? TOO MANY.

I ask you spread this message to your friends and families. Remind them to take it easy. Take it easy yourself. Slow down. Put your cells away. Watch. REALLY watch for others. Drive slower. We are such a small community here. We can make a difference.

For now I await a night of nightmares for my little one.

—For the love of pedestrians

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