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So I call a certain Chinese food place. The day before Valentines day. I ask if I can place my order for the next day knowing they would be busy. So they take my order I ask if they can have it ready at 6:00 pm guy on the phone says yup.

Fast ward to Valentines day I arrive at the place at 6:10( thinking the extra 10 minutes won't hurt). So I walk in there is line no big deal it's busy. Some people in line say they have already been served. I wait for guy you get to the counter. He shows up and this lady behind me buts in line gets her food. The guy then stands there just looking, so I walk up and ask if my order is ready. He says not yet but let me check how much longer ( this is at 6:30pm).

While he is out back a lady mentions to me that she has been waiting over an hour for her order. I wasn't sure if she pre ordered or not. So the guy comes back out doesn't motion to me but serves some other people who's food is ready so I figure he will get to me when he's done to let me know how much longer. After another 10 minutes a guy from the back of the line butts to the front. So I go up and ask the guy at the counter is my food ready. He's response is no sir just being packed up ( now 6:45). I told him not to bother and walked out. I have been a long time customer at this joint but now will no longer go there.

On a positive note another Chinese joint took my order and only had to wait 40 min for it. —Chinese Cupid

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