And in the end...

I hate you. I hate you for making me someone I wasn't. I hate your cocky laugh, I hate your frumpy body, I hate your big ass teeth and your big ass feet. I hate your fucking face. I hate that you somehow turned this around on me in your own mind. This was your fault, you are to blame. I did nothing but love you, you fucked that up because you're fucked up. I hope you have a great life mis leading people you pity, because it's pity. You don't care, you think fixing peoples problems will cover the ugly you hold inside. Well it won't. You're a selfish, manipulative, cold hearted and ugly person. You're so bitter it's incredible. Me too though, no worries there. I'm so glad you proved me right. I fucking hate you. I'll never ignore my gut again. You're a heartless bitch. Good god I hate you. :)! —Your Overachievements Underwhelm. Can't Undo Nullified Truth.

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