Hey Inch Worm!

Inch worm is what I like to call impatient people that never come to a full stop when you’re in the crosswalk….they slowly inch forward as if to say ”Hurry up and cross already!”. I get it ….your time is more valuable than mine it’s such a pesky inconvenience to have to stop for us pedestrians that you feel you have to make it well known you’re in a hurry and we are in your way. Well let me tell you something that’s part of how accidents happen!!! Would it seriously kill you to come to a full stop?? Do you really gain that much more time inching forward as I cross???? No! and it’s much safer for everyone if you just come to a full STOP let the people cross, double check no one else has entered the cross walk and then proceed. Another thing! When you have a GREEN ARROW to turn left go for it! But once it turns into a solid green light don’t just barrel through if there is no oncoming traffic because if you’re in a busy intersection in DT chances are the people in the crosswalk you will drive through have just been given their “WALK” light so pay attention.

And pedestrians start paying closer attention when you want to cross the street stop look both ways try and do your best to look directly at on coming drivers so they are aware you want to cross….wait for them to STOP…..dbl check again then cross….put your phone down….don’t assume people see you…..and even if you have a walk sign unfortunately it doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and jet out you should still take your time and look both ways!

I get it your busy day ends and you just want to go home, you woke up late, someone’s waiting for you ect ect. There is a million excuses to not pay attention while driving or walking, but if the last few months have proven anything it’s that it’s far too easy to cause an accident when you don’t pay attention and just be patient. You will get where you need to go eventually and if you’re late so be it at least you’ll be in one piece and so will everyone else on the road.

—Please just STOP

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