Sneezing on the #7 bus this morning

To the moron who sat beside me this morning on the #7 bus. Yes, I know I sneezed 3 times (quite loudly and forcefully, I might add). BUT, I sneezed into my jacket sleeve (as we were advised to do when H1N1 was an issue). There was no need for you to immediately lift your jacket collar and stare at me as if I had an airborne infectious disease or the Ebola virus. I have what are called ALLERGIES, so, if I sneezed like that, it’s probably because of some shitty perfume YOU were wearing. I guess lifting up your collar might have been good for me though: it prevented your stupidity from reaching through to me. Next time, don’t assume the person beside you is sick: just ask yourself what you smell like and if you have a cat or a dog (or many!) since I am allergic to those animals’ dander as well. I hope you get on the bus one day and everyone is sneezing: your obsessive compulsive behavior just MIGHT make you get off the bus and walk. Have a GREAT day! —the guy sitting beside you on the #7 Gottingen this morning

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