Transit for dummies

Before you leave home, make sure you have fare, pass, or tickets.

Leave home early enough to give yourself time to get to your bus stop.

While at bus stop waiting, please get fare, passes, tickets ready before the bus shows up. The bus driver as well as the other passengers will appreciate this.

When you see your bus approaching, please make a move toward the bus stop if you are not there already, you'd be surprized at how many people think we can read minds. Also this is important if there are many buses stopping at this stop. College and university students, the photo on your pass is there for a reason. Stop covering it up with your thumbs and or fingers, we need to see it. They are not for sharing. Good way to lose it, as in confiscated.

Please allow people to disembark before you shove your way onto the bus. Seniors are not that quick or as steady as you may be.

Please keep your music down to a mild roar because not everyone enjoys listening to whatever kind of music you like. There will be a lot of young people wearing hearing aids in a few decades.

If you are able please exit by the back doors to free up the front doors, making entering and exiting flow smoothly.

These should all be no brainners, but it seems we are in short supply of brains in this day and age.

Be courteous to others and respect your fellow riders. Don't use up a seat for your bags and parcels if the bus is crowded and people are standing.

If this is too difficult may I suggest a nice walk. Two feet and a heartbeat will take you practically anywhere. —Ding

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