What happened to customer service?

I just spent the better part of 10 weeks dealing with a dry cleaner, I feel that I am almost obligated to pass on my experience in hopes that no one else will have to face a similar scenario.

In December, I dropped off a blazer (which had only been worn twice) to be cleaned to wear to my staff party. On date that I was given for pick up, I was told they didn’t have my blazer, and that it was likely marked wrong and I’d have it the following Friday. At this point I’m disappointed since the following Friday would be 6 days too late.

I began calling and visiting every few days, and was told that my blazer must be misplaced and they would be looking for it at another location. On each of these visits and calls, I was promised someone from management would be in contact with me (same day) to further discuss my situation. Never once did I ask for reimbursement, I just wanted them to find my blazer. (Also to note: I was aware that the slip stated: in the case of lost garments, we refund 5 times the cost of the service.)

Finally after 7 weeks of no contact from management, I called and was angry for the first time, my patience had run out. The next day I was called by a man who said he was part owner: he asked me the details of my jacket, wanted to know where it had been purchased and the cost. I was told he would be reimbursing me with a giftcard, and ensured me that what had happened to me was not the norm for their company. I of course thanked the man, knowing that this was above and beyond their stated policy. Later that evening I picked up an envelope… and to my surprise, the envelope was filled with gift certificates to THEM, and even better… they would expire in a little over a month. I laughed, a lot. That was not the agreement that we had communicated. I immediately tried to make contact with this man again to figure out which one of us was confused about our clearly stated arrangement.

After nearly 3 weeks and 5 messages left, I finally had my call returned. I merely wanted to understand where along the way the miscommunication happened, and to express my disappointment in how they handled the situation after their company lost something that I owed. I of course, was not interested in gift certificates to a company I had no confidence in. And to further add insult to injury, I was informed by a suddenly very rude and defensive man, that “if I was going to be like that” he would leave me a cheque for $45 (5 times the service cost).

I fail to see how any of this treatment can be deemed as even adequate customer service. There is an unwritten rule of trust when a consumer leaves their possession with a service provider. Do accidents happen? Of course! But it would have been really nice to have dealt with a company who didn’t attempt to push me to the side, and in the end speak so disrespectfully to me. ….I still just really want my blazer back. —Cranky Blonde

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