Why I Bother

I am trying recover from an accident and what do my kids do one is splitting up the other is married in a month in another country but does not want us to go but the other parents can . and the other kid is too f____g lazy to get a full time job to get out of the house . I wanted to get better but why should I bother when my kids do not appreciate the hard work over the years and putting them through university only to be let down by them . I want to retire to enjoy the fruits of our labor through the years and at least share in their special moment or at least have kids so we can have grandchildren but why do they shut out their parents because in one case marriage is a "piece of paper" . It seems I am trying to get back being 100% to please a "corporate" group rather than the people who I taught better values but in the end have disappointed us . I am just ranting — just ranting

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