So I think we know where lots of people go for groceries. I walk the aisles and every where you look on the shelves people have dumped the items they suddenly decided they don't want . Doesn't matter if it's a frozen or refrigerated item either WTF people ! You want lower prices you want selection and in return you cause all this stuff called FOOD ! TO BE WASTED ! THROWN OUT ! That means, you got it prices will have to rise to compensate . STOP STOP STOP doing this you know who you are putting Ice Cream on the shelf with the soap ! Putting just what ever you decide you don't want just toss it on a random shelf with no regard for the workers who have to take lots of time to put it back if it hasn't spoiled ! If you like cheaper prices and the convenience of a close place to shop , stop being LAZY ASSES and put stuff back where it belongs or at least give it to staff at the check out it will get back to the fridge or freezer faster ! STOP DUMPING IT ON RANDOM SHELVES ! YOU KNOW IT'S WRONG ! Be better shoppers folks . I can't believe how bad the problem is at that store it's not the staff it's the customers . I feel for the staff there they don't need the extra work they have thousands of items to place daily just to keep the shelves stocked and then you come along a dump something from ten aisles away there then it's also in the way for them stocking too. DAM you dumpers suck ! STOP IT !!! If I see you do it , I might start screaming about it and make lots of noise to embarrass you on the spot your costing everyone money. Dammit I'll put condoms in yer kart ! or something else! —KartMan

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