Do they seriously want to to reduce the cost of health care in Nova Scotia!

Escalating costs of health care in Nova Scotia are increasingly in the news. This is a serious problem and I agree there is not easy solution... but...listen to this story! We recently spent a 10 day vacation in the USA. After a few days, I needed to get some medical attention for a minor issue. Our US friends had 2 suggestions.... go to the nearest hospital emergency room, be seen by a GP after a good 5 hour wait and pay an emergency fee of approximately US$1000.... or.... go to a nearby clinic, be seen within a few minutes, and pay a fee of US$400. The decision was not hard to make! The local clinic was the cheapest and easiest solution.

Upon my return, I submitted my health expenses to Nova Scotia Health. All reimbursements ( medical visit, test and medications, for a total of US$400) were denied because I was seen, diagnosed and prescribed by a qualified US Nurse Practitioner and NOT a qualified GP.

Nova Scotia Health would have preferred that I incur over US$1000 to remedy this minor issue in the very same manner at the local emergency service of a hospital.... then my exorbitant claim would have been accepted I I would have been fully reimbursed!

Way to go Nova Scotia Health! Way to go!

—H J

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